Save Money Behind The Wheel: Three Ways To Lower Your Car Insurance Costs

Driving a vehicle involves a wide range of considerable expenses. While there are some expenses you can't do anything to change, such as the price of gas, there are others that you can take steps to positively impact. It's possible, for example, to negotiate a lower premium for your auto insurance. Doing so might conjure up the image of a challenging back-and-forth negotiation, but the process is actually much simpler. Make any number of simple car-related changes, contact your insurance agent and get a lower rate. Here are some places to start.

Protect Your Vehicle

Auto insurance companies appreciate drivers who make the effort to protect their vehicles by having a security system installed. After all, a vehicle that is less likely to be stolen means the driver is less likely to file a claim with the company. Although many vehicles have some degree of a manufacturer's anti-theft system, go the extra mile by having a better aftermarket system installed. There's an up-front cost to doing so, but the reduction in your auto insurance premium will more than pay for the security system in the months ahead. Once you get the system installed, contact your insurance agent and provide the particulars about the system to help you get a lower insurance premium.

Beef Up Your Driving Skill

Even if you view yourself as a skilled driver or have never had an accident, it doesn't hurt to improve your aptitude behind the wheel. Look for a certified defensive driving course in your city. These courses are prevalent and you shouldn't have trouble finding one that is reputable. Complete the course, obtain your proof of completion and provide this information to your insurance agent. If you're presented with several different courses and aren't sure which one to take, it won't hurt to call your insurance provider in advance and determine if it provides a greater premium reduction for one specific course.

Group Your Policies Together

It can be easy, over time, to end up with different insured items from different companies -- especially if you've recently been married or moved in with a partner. Talk to your insurance agent to determine the premium reduction from grouping different policies together. For example, if you add your home insurance or spouse/partner's auto insurance policy to your insurance policy, you'd likely experience some cost savings. This approach is a viable way to save money because it doesn't involve an up-front cost and your agent is essentially doing the work for you.

Sometimes, you need to find a new insurance company to get the best deal. Contact several companies, like Manassero Insurance Agency Inc, to get quotes before you make your decision.