Remember To Call All Of These People If Your Car Is Stolen

If you suspect that your car has been stolen, you need to confirm first that it has been really stolen before making any move. You don't want to make a stolen car report only to learn that you had forgotten your parking place or your car has been towed away. Once you have confirmed that the car is really missing, there are people you should inform about the theft, including these four:

The Police

This should be your first call because they are best placed to help you trace the stolen car. The sooner you get the police the higher the chances that your car may be recovered.  They can notify the nearby roadblocks and officers on patrol to be on the lookout for your car. When you delay too long, the search may start when your car is already getting torn apart in a garage or has crossed the state lines.

Remember to give the police a detailed description of the car. This should include the make and model of the car, its color, vehicle identification number (VIN), license plate number, tracking information, and any distinguishing features (such as conspicuous modifications) the car may have.

The Tracking Company

Once you are done with the police, the next phone call should be to your car's tracking company, if the car is equipped with a vehicle recovery system. Vehicles fitted with trackers are relatively easy to find compared to those without trackers. In many cases, the police will make the call on your behalf, but it doesn't hurt to confirm.

Call Your Insurance Company

Your auto insurance carrier should also know that your car is missing. This is a requirement of all car insurance companies. Your insurance carrier will need to confirm that your car is really missing, so don't be surprised if they sound as if they are treating you like a suspect. Lots of people commit insurance fraud by reporting their cars stolen when the vehicles aren't really missing.

In addition to the information provided to the police, you will also need to tell the insurer everything that was in the car, the location of all spare keys for the car, and names of everybody with access to the car.

Other Parties with Claims on the Car

Anybody with a claim on the car needs to be informed of the theft. For example, if you haven't cleared the car payments or if it is a leased car, then you need to inform the financier or leasing company. These parties may also help you expedite the claim process.

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