The Role Your Vehicle Plays In Figuring Insurance Premium Costs

When budgeting for auto insurance, most drivers understand the impact their credit rating, deductible amount and level of coverage requested will have on their premium cost. What about your car? The vehicle you drive will also weigh heavily when it comes to assessing risk and formulating your policy premium. Make sure you understand how the vehicle you drive effects cost to help you better budget and plan. Theft Reports The rate of theft associated with your particular model of vehicle will affect your premium. Read More 

What To Do If You Hit A Deer

Deer are common in both rural and suburban areas. Some even make their way into more urban settings by following waterways or greenbelts through the city. While enjoyable to watch from afar, they can pose a major hazard if they step into the road. Knowing what to do if you hit a deer can come in handy during this situation. The following tips can help. Tip #1: Practice Basic Accident Safety Read More 

3 Ways To Save Money On Your Car Insurance

Even with the economy in recovery, people everywhere are still looking for ways to save money. There are plenty of things that you can do on a day-to-day basis to save a buck or two here and there. One of the easiest ways that you can lower your monthly bills and save some money is to find ways that you can lower your car insurance. There are some easy ways that you can lower your car insurance that you might not even be aware of. Read More 

Save Money Behind The Wheel: Three Ways To Lower Your Car Insurance Costs

Driving a vehicle involves a wide range of considerable expenses. While there are some expenses you can't do anything to change, such as the price of gas, there are others that you can take steps to positively impact. It's possible, for example, to negotiate a lower premium for your auto insurance. Doing so might conjure up the image of a challenging back-and-forth negotiation, but the process is actually much simpler. Make any number of simple car-related changes, contact your insurance agent and get a lower rate. Read More